Why do I want to become the next Miss Africa USA?

“Eventually, I decided my passion was greater than my fear of failing. I acknowledged my fear but I did not let it hold me captive.”- Deborah Queen

Have you ever had a dream so big it seemed almost impossible?

When I discovered I was selected as Miss Nigeria, I simply sat there looking at the letter in shock. There was no way this was happening. I could not actually believe they picked me. My heart raced and I panicked. I was bombarded with the what-ifs. What if they mistakenly sent me a letter? What if I cannot afford to get to DC? What if the judges don’t believe in Redefining BEAUTY Movement? After praying and talking to my family and friends, I realized that this is the moment I had hoped for 5 years. Eventually, I decided my passion was greater than my fear of failing. I acknowledged my fear but I did not let it hold me captive. My dream was actually happening and I decided to passionately dive in. So hello world! I am Deborah Queen, your Miss Nigeria 2016 and here is why I want to become the next Miss Africa USA!

I aspire to become the next Miss Africa USA because I am a proud African woman who believes in diplomacy and I would like to promote my platform “Redefining BEAUTY”. To me, BEAUTY stands for Becoming Educated Artistic and Understanding Towards Yourself”.  At the age of 17, I developed this platform to encourage myself as well as other young women to dream and actively pursue their passions. I have held several workshops at Texas State, Houston and Dallas where I further explain the concept of Redefining BEAUTY.

After holding a number of workshops, I began writing my first book on Redefining BEAUTY which will be published next year. As a young African woman, I have dealt with my share of negativity towards my skin, sense of beauty and being accepted as a woman of color. I am redefining beauty by pursing my educational career at Texas State University where I anticipate graduating May 2017 with a Masters in Legal Studies, Paralegal Certificate and Mediation Certificate. Also, I promote creativity through coaching, teaching dance and art. Lastly, I have been able to embrace myself wholeheartedly and I am becoming everything God created me to be.

Through this platform, I firmly believe I can inspire a generation of powerful women who will influence the world. I envisioned sharing Redefining BEAUTY on a national platform and I believe the Miss Africa USA pageant is the perfect opportunity! What better place to talk about BEAUTY than at a beauty pageant!

So what are you waiting for? Join the redefining BEAUTY Movement today!

Want to support?

Please consider investing in my vision!

CLICK HERE: https://www.gofundme.com/MissAfricaUSA

Much Love,


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