Becoming Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

“I read somewhere that without rain, we wouldn’t have flowers. I believe that rainy seasons in life are a blessing because it’s a sign that beauty, blessing, and more life is on the way.”- Ciera Wilkerson

The modern-day motto is to find happiness in comfort. Most ads you see daily cater to the theory that the more luxury or comfort you add to your life, the happier you will become. This leads you to believe that if you buy this big house, or this new car or get this six figure job then your happiness will be multiplied. However, this theory is quite far from the truth. Life can be very uncomfortable. Things don’t always go as planned and what happens when everything goes wrong? Do you slide into depression? Get upset with God? Or even hate yourself because you believe you are a failure that will never succeed?

I know I have done all those things at some point in my life.

To some of you who have followed me for a while, my life seems perfect. But that is far from the truth. In the past year alone, I have been broke, almost homeless, lost friendships, got my heart-broken, almost didn’t graduate, tired (the type of tired sleep doesn’t fix) and completely clueless about my career. To say the least, I have been very uncomfortable. In spite of all the negatives that occurred this past year, I realized that I have a choice on how I would react to my stormy season. I choose to dwell on the good and trust God in the process. I realized that I’ve been in this uncomfortable position before and things always got better. I choose to smile daily because I know in my heart that the storms in my life has to occur before I can bask in my glorious sunshine.

What do you do in your stormy season? Do you hide in your closet scared to death? Or do you choose to face the storm and smile in the rain?

If you are struggling with being uncomfortable, here are a few reasons why you should become comfortable with being uncomfortable:

  1. Without rain, we wouldn’t have flowers: Imagine if the sun was out 24/7. The flowers will dry out because moisture is a necessary part of their growth. You blessed one are a flower. In order for you to grow and blossom, you must go through a rainy season.
  2. Rainy seasons in life are a blessing: Rain heals the dry places in our hearts. Sometimes it might not feel like it but rain has the power to water, bring healing and give life. Embrace your rainy seasons because it brings healing and restoration.
  3. Beauty, blessing, and more life is on the way: There is always sunshine after the rain. The colors of the world will shine brighter like never before. Rain signifies new life, new blessing and new hope.

My dear readers, don’t wait for sunshine before you can smile. Smile in the storm and dance in the rain. Let the rain drops be your melody for a greater tomorrow! The best is yet to come!

Much Love,


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