How I Moisturize My Hair & Bun Tutorial

I love my hair because it’s a reflection of my soul. It’s dense, it’s kinky, it’s soft, it’s textured, it’s difficult, it’s easy and it’s fun. That’s why I love my hair.”                           -Tracee Ellis Ross


It took me a really long time to say these words because I did not have a relationship with my hair. Yes! You heard right… relationship. Prior to becoming natural, I barely spent time getting to know my hair. She was neglected, alone and unloved! And YET, I expected my hair to grow. Ladies, you only get what you put in and if you’re not taking the time to learn about your hair, you cannot expect to grow!

I have 4c hair and I’m prone to a lot of damage because of how tight my coils are. This is where moisturizing comes into play.  I aim to moisturize my hair 2-3 times per week. Since I’ve been consistently moisturizing my hair, I’ve noticed a lot of positive changes:

  • Less Breakage and Damage
  • Less Pain While Styling or Manipulating Hair
  • Length Retention
  • Shiny and Glossy Finish
  • Soft and Fluffy


Here Are The Products That I Use to Moisturize My Hair:

  1. California Olive Ranch Extra Virgin Olive Oil39990227_258329608143312_5280967353369100288_nI typically get this item from my local Walmart. You can also purchase it on here: BUY OLIVE OIL
  2. Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk: 39963504_2154005988202774_6018075803986690048_nYou can get this from HEB or Sally’s Store. To purchase online, click here: BUY HAIR  MILK
  3. Miss Jessie’s Leave-In Conditioner 39989493_296672101116078_2383435299972710400_nAgain, you can purchase this at HEB store. To buy online, click here: BUY LEAVE IN CONDITIONER HERE
  4. Mane Like Me Hair and Scalp Oil & Moisturizing Hair Pudding

    You can purchase these item here: BUY MANE LIKE ME

  5. Eco Style Professional Gel with Argan Oil 40067150_444251259396311_3981102278693093376_n.jpgI get this product from HEB. You can purchase it online here: BUY ECO STYLE GEL
  6. Spritz Bottle with Water39979682_294853197967783_645413630447190016_nYou can GET this bottle from any beauty supply store. To purchase online, click here: BUY SPRITZ BOTTLE
  7. Hair Tools Include: Hair Tie, Wide Tooth Comb, Afro Pick Comb, Hair Scarf, Wig Cap and Toothbrush. 40053528_1344718388964047_5208957515072536576_n

To learn how I use these tools to moisturize and style my hair, please watch my tutorial video on YouTube here: HAIR TUTORIAL VIDEO


Please leave your comments and thoughts below!


6 thoughts on “How I Moisturize My Hair & Bun Tutorial

  1. I’ll definitely be trying these products you suggested (me. Jessie’s and mane like me). I want to have a relationship with my hair, too 😭😭 I just let her do whatever she wants 😂

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  2. Debbie darling, I watched the tutorial video. Awesome!!! I’m certainly going to buy these products. I have 4C also so they should work on my hair as well. Thanks! I’m looking forward to more tutorials. I hope the next one is on washing and conditioning.

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