Girls Trip To NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)

“New Orleans has a lot of good food.” – Lee Byung-Hun

New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA) is a beautiful place!



The city is rich in culture, food and much more! I got to explore this city this summer with my mum, sister and best friend and it was a great adventure. Although we did not get to do everything on our itinerary, we did manage to get the NOLA experience in.

Me, My Mum, Jasmine and Jennifer

We drove from Houston, Texas to NOLA which was about 5hrs. I was asleep most of the drive and my sister, Jennifer got us to NOLA in one piece! As soon as we got to NOLA, we went straight to Neyow’s Café cause we were HUNGRY!


Neyow’s Café had the best oysters! They were the best I’ve ever tasted in my life thus far. We ordered so much food but, we were so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of the food.

Inside Neyow’s Cafe

Trust me, you CANNOT go wrong with Neyow’s! You have to go there if you’re ever in NOLA. They are also opening a location in Houston so I’m a very happy camper right now.

After we finished eating, we headed to our hotel. We stayed at Spring Hill by Marriot and I booked via Orbitz for the best deals.


Everyday was an adventure and we had an itinerary (created by me) which we used to navigate our day.

If you’d like to learn more about our adventure, keep reading!


  • Exploring and Sightseeing: We probably walked through every street in the French Quarter and Garden District. We explored Magazine street, Bourbon Street and much more!
  • St. Louis Cathedral: This cathedral is located in the middle of Jackson Square. Just beautiful!o
  • French Market: I love buying things from local vendors. The French market had so many varieties. The hat shops are a must-visit! If you love shopping, you’ll have a blast here.
  • VUE Rooftop: On our first night, we spent the evening chilling and relaxing here. The view was amazing hence the name.

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  •  Street Art and Dancing In The Street: NOLA is rich is art and culture. There’s talent everywhere. We had so much fun dancing in the street and appreciating the art and beauty around us.


    Y’all know about Neyow’s Café but there are so many other gems in NOLA. Here are a few of my favorite places from our trip:


  • The Original Pierre Maspero’s: What can I say? It was spectacular.


  • The Governors: We found this place by mistake and it’s the best mistake we made! The food, service and atmosphere was divine.
  • Café Du Monde: This place was good. For my Nigerians reading this blog, it tastes like bread and sugar. I think it’s overrated but, it was a good touristy location.


We parked our car at the parking lot next to our hotel and used Uber to navigate through the city. I hate being responsible for driving and parking while on a trip so Uber is usually a great way to get around. It’s also cheap when the fare is split. Each trip was about $2 per person.

While we were in NOLA, there were two shootings that occurred. Thank God for safety and we prayed from those who were hurt. It’s very important to be aware of your surrounding while traveling.

Overall, I had a great time and I’d definitely visit NOLA again. The food and music is superb. I hope this blog helps you as you plan your trip to NOLA.


Until our next adventure, follow me on Instagram @iam_deborah.



2 thoughts on “Girls Trip To NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana)

  1. I love this! The pictures are so beautiful, makes me want to go back to NOLA! I visited once but just for one night, so I didn’t get to do near as much as you guys did. Your mom 😍😍😍 that one picture of her standing next to the light post 🔥🔥 you ladies all look amazing!


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