Miami Is Beautiful

“What’s special about Miami is the collision of cultures. And the white sand beaches and fantastic restaurants.” – Jeffrey Dean Morgan

I absolutely love Miami, Florida! The food, the mesh of cultures, art and of course, the beach!

Ocean view from our hotel room at Eden Roc Hotel

I went to Miami with a few of my best friends.



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We spent six days in paradise and honestly, I could have used a few extra days! If you don’t know this about me, I am an explorer at heart. I absolutely love traveling! My friends made up a game called “Where’s Deborah?” because they can’t keep up with me.

I typically find the best deals for my flight on Priceline. My roundtrip ticket from Houston was only $151! I hate paying for flights so I always make an effort to find the best deals and book as soon as I find it.

When we landed in Miami, we did not waste any time! We checked into our hotel and went out to explore the city.

We stayed at Eden Roc Miami Beach Hotel.

Image from WorkingMother.Com

This hotel was everything and more. We stayed on the 19th floor and the view was unreal. I remember waking up to the sound of the ocean and the sun kissing the ocean. You can’t tell me God does not exist with a view so breathtaking.

Ocean view from my hotel room at Eden Roc

We did so many activities as a group and individually. I love being able to travel with my girls but also having the independence to venture off.  If you’re curious to find out some activities we did, keep reading!


  1. Bike Riding: Our hotel had free rental bikes so we took advantage of that opportunity to workout and explore. I remember while bike riding, I accidentally called my friend, Sandii when I put my phone in my sports bra so she got a chance to see the boardwalk scenery as well as the beach.

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  2. Beach: We went to South Beach, Miami Beach and Nikki Beach.
    South Beach

    South Beach was pretty lively as were a lot of people there. We played beach volleyball in the ocean and made new connections with different types of people. We also go smacked by the waves several times so I probably ingested so much sodium from the water. One thing I forgot was my sunscreen so I got sunburned and my skin peeled for about a week. I used shea butter to recover and it worked pretty well. However, I still have a massive tan and my skin is currently three different shades.

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    Miami Beach was accessible through the back of our hotel. It was relatively quiet and chill. If you’re looking to relax and unwind then Miami beach is the perfect spot. All you need is some good book or your headphones and you’re good to go. You can rent an umbrella and beach chair on sight.

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    Nikki Beach was probably on of my favorite places. You can eat, chill or walk to the beach from this venue. The atmosphere is the epitome of Miami. The food was spectacular! I wandered off while at this venue to explore and experience the beauty of creation. Although I lost my favorite glasses at this location, I’d probably do that whole day over again.

  3. Dancing: My favorite dance location was Mango’s Tropical Cafe. They had live Latin music and the main dance floor (Located of the first floor) was very spacious. If you’re into Salsa then this is the place for you. They also teach dance classes here too! Another cool thing about this place is that on the second floor, they have different rooms that play different types of music. For example, there was one room that played reggae and afro beats, one played urban music and the other played old school throwbacks. I loved the mix of cultures and the rooms were sound proof so it felt like you were in a completely different place. I’d also recommend exploring Ocean Drive for more places like Mango’s.                                   z
  4. Wynwood Marketplace: This was a great place to explore, shop locally and mingle with the locals and tourists.



Miami food is very EXPENSIVE but it’s so delicious.

The food is expensive mainly because they charge regular tax, resort or tourist tax as well as gratuity (It ranges between 18% -20% depending on the restaurant). Every single restaurant we went to added gratuity so it’s fair to assume that’s a normal policy. On average, we spent $50 on a plate of food.

Here are some of my favorite restaurants:

  • Malibu Farm (Located inside Eden Roc Hotel): Breakfast was AMAZING! But can be very expensive.
  • GKB Wynwood : This is a global-inspired Peruvian restaurant. The food was really amazing. I would definitely try the Pork Taquitos and Black Angus Slider. 
  • Sultan Restaurant Miami Beach: The food was so delicious BUT they charge $3.00 for a bottle of water. Be sure to bring your own water. aaa



  • Carlye Café: They have plantains here and it’s so good! But like ALL Miami/South Beach restaurants, it’s pretty pricey. The food was delicious though. ee

Overall, I had a great time in Miami! I would definitely go back! A lot happened during our time in Miami and you can listen to our podcast to learn more: SOULFILLING PODCAST


Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @iam_Deborah.


Deborah Queen

4 thoughts on “Miami Is Beautiful

  1. Girl everything looked like paradise! So glad you got to unwind and relax. $50 for a plate of food though? I like my food to be cheap and good Lool, but it looked so delicious none the less. This has me excited to experience Miami for myself.


  2. I love this! So great to see you living your best life, girl. Your pictures look amazing, especially the beach views ❤


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