My First Keke Napep Ride In Nigeria

“Every day is an adventure.” – Joseph B. Wirthlin 

I find joy in every day things. Since I got to Nigeria, I’d been wanting to ride a Keke Napep. And I finally did!

So you might be wondering, “What is a Keke Napep?”

Keke, as it’s often called is a tricycle that is one of the most popular means of street transportation in Nigeria.

Aren’t they so cute?!

They are one of the most convenient street transportation automobile in Nigeria because they are readily available and relatively cheaper than taxis. They are flexible, small and can be easily maneuvered in tight corners. However, they can be quite annoying for four wheel drivers.

We stopped the keke on the side of the road and the driver was really sweet. When picking a Keke, it’s important to ensure the automobile is clean.

Entering the Keke Napep

The total cost for a 3 kilometer ride was N300 (Less than 1 USD).

Seeing my excitement, the driver asked if I wanted to seat at the drivers seat and I was more than ecstatic to do so!



The ride was so fun! I rate the driver 10/10 for his sweetness and the cleanliness of his car. I would definitely recommend you trying out a Keke!

Check out the video below:

I hope you enjoyed this blog and you learn to find joy in every day things.

Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @iam_Deborah.



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