Maitama Farmer’s Market – Abuja, Nigeria

“Juices of fruits and vegetables are pure gifts from Mother Nature and the most natural way to heal your body and make yourself whole again.” – Farnoosh Brock

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know how much I love food, especially fresh fruits and vegetable.

Trips to the farmers market are an essential part of my weekend activities. I’m currently in Nigeria and I’ve been having a blast eating the freshest food yet. I’m in awe of how cheap and accessible fresh food is in Nigeria versus the U.S. I typically spend an ungodly sum of money trying to eat fresh foods in the U.S. but here Nigeria, the food is so much cheaper. Please leave thoughts about this matter below.

For those of you visiting or living in Abuja, the Maitama Farmers Market is located in Maitama District off Ibrahim Babagida Road. The colors are so bright so it’ll be hard to miss this place.

Deborah Queen at Maitama Farmers Market

They have almost every fruit and vegetable in season. Some of my favorites were the Queen pineapples, apples, spinach, tangerine, bell peppers, papaya (paw-paw as Nigerians call it), oranges, ginger, soursop, and of course, my beloved plantains.

Not only do the fruits and vegetables look good, but they tasted so heavenly.



Check out some of the fruits and veggies they had on display below:

There are different sellers and you have to find a seller you trust can give you good deals. I’m still learning how to bargain so I can’t give you advice on that. However, I’m enjoying learning the art.


Another cool thing about this place is they have fruits to go and they can cut your fruits fresh for your convenience. You just have to ask!

Wrapped fruits for your convenience

I was satisfied with my finds and I left pretty excited!

A happy Deborah leaving with her fresh fruits and veggies

I hope you found this blog helpful for your food adventures. Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @iam_Deborah.



5 thoughts on “Maitama Farmer’s Market – Abuja, Nigeria

  1. I love how colorful and beautiful these pictures are! I think one of the reasons fruits and veggies are less expensive in Nigeria is because farmers are paid a lot more in America. Also, we import a lot of fruits to America from other countries, especially those exotic ones, so I think shipping and all that adds to the cost. And i think also the way fruit is treated here (pesticides and QC) add to the cost.


    1. Thank you! I absolutely LOVE colors! You made some really good points! Farming is definitely much more lucrative in America versus Nigeria. Also the additional chemicals added to the produce spikes up the pries.


  2. Hey Deborah!
    What a timely post. my friends and I are coming to abuja in December and were thinking of visiting this farmers market. Is that a good idea?Also what fun things can we do in Abuja?


    1. Omg! I can’t believe I did not see this comment! I’m sorry for the late response. There are so many great restaurants all over Abuja. Also, if you’re outdoorsy, you should go hiking and enjoy Millennium Park, Keje Grill at City Park or Junkyard is another great location.


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