25 Things I’m Grateful To God For

I’m a quarter of a century old today and I’m grateful to God for the gift of life.  In the past 25 years of being on this earth, God has been so good to me. I may not be where I want to be yet but I’m grateful for where God has brought me. Today, I’m gonna share 25 things that I’m grateful for!

  1. God: As many of you know, I’m Christian. God’s unfailing love for me is a big part of my success. My faith is the driving force of my life. It keeps me grounded and passionate.54463105_350469678887114_776271581625188352_n
  2. Family: I come from a family of nine. I have two sisters and four brothers. My family is my biggest support system. They make me feel like I can achieve anything I want in life.
  3. Friends: I have the best friends in the world. I have so many close friends and they all play an important part in my life. I’m grateful for the love and adventures I share with them.
  4. Love: I am surrounded with so much love. It’s quite overwhelming. I don’t know what I’ve done to deserve the love but I’m surely grateful for it!
  5. Fitness and Health: I love my strength and endurance. It gives me the ability to build muscles and conquer challenging workouts! You can buy my workout program for only $15 here.
  6. Traveling and Adventure: This combo is a key aspect of my life. I absolutely love traveling and going on adventures. Over the past few years, I’ve traveled all over Europe, Mexico, America and Nigeria. I look forward to adding many more places to this list.
  7. Hair and Skin: I love my chocolate skin and full kinky hair. Growing up, I used to be embarrassed about my hair and skin until I realized how sexy God made me. I love all of me.
  8. Food: What can I say, food is life! I don’t know how I’d survive without delicious food. I’m grateful for the ability to eat, digest and repeat. Glory!
  9. Creativity: I am very creative especially when it comes to designing, brainstorming and much more.
  10. Artistic Ability: I secretly love to draw. I enjoy expressing myself through art and connecting with my subjects through realism.
  11. The Opportunity to Represent Nigeria in Miss Africa USA Pageant: In 2016, I got the opportunity to represent Nigeria in the Miss Africa USA pageant in Washington, DC. It was truly an amazing experience.

  12. Bachelors and Masters Degree: I earned my BS in Criminal Justice at 21 and my MA in Legal Studies at 23.
  13. A Job: I’m grateful for the ability to work and earn a living.Deborah-Firstdelightphotography-0371
  14. Photogenic Genes: My mum is really beautiful and my dad is quite handsome. I’m blessed to have their photogenic genes.
  15. Ability To Unapologetically Be Myself: I have no problem being 100% Deborah. I dance to the beat of my own drums.
  16. The Ability To Bounce Back: In the past couple of years, I’ve gone through so much. In all of these life changes, I am grateful for the ability to bounce back no matter what comes my way.
  17. Writing Skills: I think I’m an excellent writer and I’m grateful for the ability to dabble between legal writing and creative writing.
  18. Business Mind: I am a hustler. I run several businesses and I’m constantly looking to solve problems. I’m thankful for the relationships I’ve built with my clients over the years.
  19. Water: I’m scared of being dehydrated. I’m grateful for access to clean water.
  20. Rice: Jollof rice, fried rice, coconut rice, rice and stew etc. I’m grateful for rice.
  21. My Heart: I have a big heart and I love deeply. I am an empath by nature and I would not trade it for anything.
  22. My Style: I don’t consider myself to be a fashionista but I’m thankful for my evolving style.
  23. Debt-Free: I give credit to my parents for the ability to start my life completely debt free post graduate studies. I hope to pass on this opportunity to my future kids. DebMastersLife-Firstdelightphotography-0207
  24. My iPhone, Camera and Laptop: My life revolves around social media so these devices are critical in my every day life. Thankful for the ability to keep them safe and working all these years.
  25. My Zeal For Life: I live passionately. I believe life is meant to be lived. I seek adventure and I strive to become the best version of myself daily.

I hope you found this blog insightful and you’re inspired to practice gratitude. No matter where you are in your life, be grateful to God. Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @iam_Deborah.



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