5 Things That Can Help You Lose Weight

“Good health is not something we can buy. However, it can be an extremely valuable savings account.”-Anne Wilson Schaef

Health is very critical in your journey to become the best version of yourself. With the advancement of technology, it’s getting harder and harder to lose weight naturally. This is because we live in a more automated society. We have cars, elevators, microwaves, vacuum cleaner and so much more that make us extremely comfortable. Unfortunately, these technological advanced have left little to no space to burn calories.

We have two more months till summer and I know many of us are wishing to transform our bodies just in time. If you want some tips to add to your daily lifestyle to help you achieve this goal, keep reading!

Here are 5 things you can start doing now to help you lose weight just in time for summer!

  1. Check on Your Eating Habits: What are you eating? This is extremely important when it comes to weight loss. 80% of weight loss comes from diet and 20% comes from working out. I don’t believe you need to get on the keto diet or any other fad diets. If you want to lose weight, you have to get your diet more balanced and ensure you’re at a caloric deficit.
  2. Get More Active: There are two ways to get active. The first way is you need to get on a workout program to help you stay consistent with your fitness journey. For only $15, you can purchase my 30-day workout programThis program is designed to help you stay consistent especially if you struggle with working out. You can also do the entire program at the gym or the comfort of your home (your choice!). When you purchase this product, you get a four week program with daily exercise routines highlighted for your convenience. You don’t have to worry about planning your own workout every day. Want to order this product? Email deborahqueenfitness@gmail.com to grab your copy! I look forward to working with you!

    The second way to get more active is to incorporate more activities to your lifestyle. You can start walking during your lunch breaks. Park your car far when you go grocery shopping. Do planks or squats on commercial breaks at home. Take the stairs more often. Go hiking with some friends on the weekends. The main goal is to move your body and try something new.

  3. Substitute Sugary Drinks For Water Or Plain Tea: The worst way to consume calories is drinking them. If you have a habit of drinking energy drinks, soda or juices daily, you make be consuming excess calories that are adding you your belly fat. Cutting down on calories from these drinks will definitely help you lose weight. Just drink water and tea. If you want to add a lil’ something, add lemon or lime to your healthy beverage.
  4. Add Veggies To Every Meal: Vegetables have so many health benefits! They are great for controlling your blood sugar, losing fat, improving your digestive system and they are low on calories. This means you can eat more without feeling guilty. If you’re not a big fan of veggies, the best way to incorporate them is adding them as a side with every meal. That way you eat a balanced diet.
  5. Get adequate Sleep: Do you know that lack of sleep increases stress levels which increases the level of cortisol in your body. Cortisol is a key factor in belly fat. You need to prioritize getting enough sleep. As an adult, it can be quite difficult with our schedule but it’s very important if you want to lose weight.

I hope you found this blog insightful and I hope you incorporate these tips to your daily routine. I’d love to join you on your fitness journey. Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @iam_Deborah.



2 thoughts on “5 Things That Can Help You Lose Weight

  1. I enjoyed this post so much!! I can’t start to tell you each
    But your pictures are so gooooooood. As those points are actionable…. I’m finding it so hard in switching drinks and also on eating healthy. But I’ll do those little things to make a difference.

    Good post, Deborah.


    1. Hi Sharon! Thanks for reading! I’m glad you love the photos! It feels great to have someone appreciate my work. And yes! It’s so easy to drink our calories up. I try to stick to water and tea. How do you feel about those beverages? I hope these points help you in your daily life!


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