Focus On The Journey Rather Than The Destination

“She endures in times of hardship. She takes pain and fuels it to her creative advantage. She knows in order to achieve her greatest expression she must embrace her demons. That is the only true way to grow as a human being. She would rather struggle than be stagnant.” ― Kristin Michelle Elizabeth

We’re taught from a young age that success is a destination. This teaching tends to distract us from the reality of the process. When we’re too destination focused, we tend to miss out on the lessons and growth in the journey that is happening right now.


The beauty of life is living in the now and enjoying the process. I used to think I’d be successful when I finished high school, or college, or getting my masters, or get that first job. But as I navigate my life, I realize that true success lies in the process of trying, failing and doing it all over again. There’s a confidence you gain when you go through the process. I’m currently writing my first book and it’s been quite a journey. As much as I want to be done with the project, I’m constantly reminding myself of the joys and growth I’m experiencing through this journey.


How many of us are guilty of wishing our lives away? Of waiting for success and viewing it as a destination? We need to understand that success has no destination on this earth. We exist to live and grow. Remember when you were little and every victory was viewed as success? Your first walk? Learning how to write, read, make friends etc. We were celebrated every stage. It did not matter whether we fell or made a mistake, the process of growth was viewed as success. We need to carry this practice into our adulthood. Let’s celebrate small victories because they are critical to our overall success. I don’t know many successful people who see success as a destination. They view the steps taken and the growing pains as success.

Here Are A Few Points To Take Away From This Blog:

  1. Live In The Moment: Your life is happening now. You’re living your life right now. Enjoy the season you’re in and grow from every experience.
  2. Celebrate Little Victories: It’s okay to give yourself a high-five every now and then. When I was in grad school writing my research project, I would celebrate every page I wrote to keep myself motivated. That was my success, the process of writing.
  3. Be Happy In Every Season: We have ups and downs. The tide of life is unavoidable. You just have to ride the waves and chose to be joyful no matter what.

I hope you found this blog insightful and I hope you incorporate these tips to your daily life. How do you view success in your life? Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @iam_Deborah.




4 thoughts on “Focus On The Journey Rather Than The Destination

  1. I used to be so guilty of destination happiness! Until I cut that shit out last year and began living in the moment! I will go back to school, NOW! I will travel, NOW! I will step out of my comfort zone, Today! No tomorrows! Just today. Your pics are fire babe! Thanks for motivating as always and good luck on the book


    1. Yaaaasss!!! I’m so proud of you!! Look at you living your best lie now! It’s so important because we can’t let our lives pass us by. And thanks love!! I’m enjoying the journey.


  2. This was amazing to read Deb. When I started applying this thought pattern about success, I realized that everything started happening accordingly. I accomplished goals I set for myself without pressure and somehow, those goals aligned with my timeline.


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