Learning To Let Go of Relationships That Bring You Down

“You create more space in your life when you turn your excess baggage to garbage.” – Chinonye J. Chidolue 

Are you feeling like you’re carrying the weight of the world? There’s this lump in your throat that you’re feeling and you’re scared to face. You might be dreading the reality of what’s been weighing you down.

It’s your relationship. You feel drained, tired, frustrated but you don’t want to let go because you care about this person. Or maybe you’re like me and you’re scared to hurt this person.

I’ve been in your shoes. I’ve had situations where I endured unhealthy relationships (both friendship and romantic relationship) for the sake of peace or protection of feelings. The truth is staying in a toxic relationship does not help anyone, instead, it causes more damages. I used to have a friend that drained my energy. Whether is was petty fights, drama or her diva personality, it drained the heck out of me. I stayed in this friendship for years knowing it was draining me but I stayed because I was worried about her feelings, what her family would say etc. However, I got to my breaking point after this friend showed me they did not value my presence in their life. One time, I remember I went out of my way to help this friend plan their birthday party and the friend ended up canceling the hotel reservations and plans we had made together, they also cancelled the place they picked out for the birthday dinner, disrespected me in front of their friends at the party and still went to spread rumors about how I was not a good friend and I almost ruined their birthday. On so many other occasions, I was the one constantly reaching out to this friend and trying to make plans to hang out but repeatedly got stood up for one reason or the other. I can go on and on about the toxic nature of the friendship but I had to learn to let go and focus on my own happiness.

Relationships, both romantic and platonic should bring you peace and make you become a better version of yourself. If you’re in a situation where you’re constantly drained, unappreciated, or frustrated, then you have to revisit the purpose of that relationship in your life. If the relationship drags you down, you need to let go of that excess baggage. Are you currently struggling with this dilemma? Keep reading to learn why there’s power in letting go!

  1. Relationships Should Encourage You To be A Better Person: No one wants to be in a relationship that hinders their growth. Your relationships are supposed to make you a better person and be a safety haven from the stress of the world. If you’re constantly getting drained from a toxic relationship, it’s almost impossible to be your best self.
  2. Unnecessary Stress and Drama Ages You: It truly does! Stress is a silent killer and when you’re constantly pumping cortisol, it can add to you your belly fat, wrinkles and much more. If you want to live a happy stress-free life, you need to let go of toxic relationships.
  3. Your Happiness Is Important To Succeed In Life: It’s very rare to meet a successful person who does not place value on happiness. Successful people know your happiness is a breeding ground for a joyful and successful life. How do you focus on your success when you’re drained by toxic relationships?
  4. You’re Better Of Without Excess Baggage: The truth is, you’re better off without toxic friendships. Once you let go of the baggage, you create room for better relationships and you can use your energy to things that have growth potential.

I hope you found this blog insightful and I hope you use these tips to free yourself from the baggage that’s been holding you back. How do you deal with toxic relationships in your life? Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @iam_Deborah.



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