Happy 60th Birthday To The World’s Greatest Dad

Meet my dad!

Phina Harry, Wife and Confidant. 

Happy 60th Birthday My Bestie and Crown Of Glory. My joy has no bound celebrating a great man like you that God has blessed me with. You are a man that has touch the life of many in a positive way. You are a man with the sunshine on his forehead, the priest of our home, my prayer partner, my best friend and the husband of my youth. You are the only man my heart beats for after Christ. My diamond husband, I bless God for your life today and I am grateful for how God has dealt kindly and graciously with you. Your life is a living testimony and a proof of God’s mercy. I’m grateful to God I get to share this historic birthday celebration with you. To know you is to know the utmost meaning of humility. Thank you for being a dependable partner, a loving and caring husband, and the coolest Dad. I honor and celebrate you, my Zachariah, the crown upon which I shine. May your part continue to shine brighter and brighter, you will age gracefully in good health, and you will live to see the goodness of God in your life for many more years. You will eat the fruit of your labour and see your children’s children. May the rest of your years be sweeter and greater. Psalm 91 will be your portion today and always. Happy Glorious 60th Birthday once again my endless love. Love you INFINITELY. – SSB

Jennifer, 1st Child

Dad, words will ALWAYS fail me to express how impactful you’ve been in my life… literally every step of the way. I’d never ask for any other father figure in your place. You are simply the best. I thank God for keeping you this long for me, my siblings, and Mum. I celebrate your remarkable life today and in tears of joy, I give God glory for keeping you strong and hearty. You look Amazing too. I love you and I always will. Happy 60th Birthday.

Deborah, 2nd Child

Dad, I’m just emotional when I think about how great you are. You’re literally the physical manifestation of God’s love in my life. You’re patient, caring, funny, devoted and just an awesome human being. I’m so grateful that God chose you to be my father. We’re so alike in so many ways and we’re literally almost the same people. You’re my role model and I admire you a lot. You’ve taught me so much through out the years and I aspire to make you proud. I love your childlike spirit and how you’ve raised us to be your best friends. You’ve taught me what humility and integrity is all about. I love how you’re not afraid to apologize when you’re wrong. Thanks for always being there for me and helping me kill geckos and other pest. I pray that in the 60th year, God will give you the desires of your heart. I pray that he’ll keep you safe and healthy, and you’ll live to see all your grand children. You’re so loved and I celebrate you every day!! You’re the best! Happy 60th birthday!!!

Emmanuel, 3rd Child

Happy Birthday to the realest of them all. First of all, thank you for surrounding me with a loving family. You’ve made every possible sacrifice in order to keep your family happily. Your sacrifices are not in vain. Thank you for being the most amazing friend, brother, business partner, leader, and most importantly father to me. You’ve set a high standard, and I wouldn’t fail to surpass it. Love you dad, Happy birthday!!

– Prince Manye

Joseph, 4th Child

Happy birthday dad I can’t even begin to explain how much of an influence you’ve been on my life. With the mindset you have; you raise me to be the person that I am a very optimistic, open minded and driven person. I will always appreciate the discipline that you installed with me and for that I think God that I was blessed with such an amazing dad. I love you!

Belema, 5th Child

Daddy, no amount of words could ever do justice in explaining all that you mean to me. My love and appreciation for you goes deeper than any ocean in the world. Throughout life I’ve encountered so many situations and regardless of the content of it, your remained the same. Your support even stronger and your advice always given with care. I am thankful to God for the wisdom and knowledge he has blessed you with. I thank him fo using you as a vessel not just to your family but to everyone that encounters you. You demand the respect of everyone that ever comes within the slightest inch of your atmosphere because that is just who God has made you to be. The one that stands out, the one that doesn’t have to utter a word but everyone is patient to wait for you to speak. I thank God for preserving you this far and I can’t wait for the many fruitful and joy filled years to come. I’ll never stop asking you if the world can taste your salt. I love you daddy. Forever and always.

Shalom, 6th Child

Happy birthday dad I hope you’re staying safe during this pandemic but that no reason to not celebrate another year added on to your life I’m grateful for that fact that I’ll be able to appreciate your smile for another year and many to come. Thank you for being you and doing what you do. God bless and happy birthday dad.

Joshua, 7th Child

Happy birthday dad, I want to thank God for blessing you with another day in your life and I just appreciate you. Thank you for being a great dad I love you and i wish many more fruitful years.

Zizah, Grand Child

Happy birthday grandpa. I love you and can’t wait to meet you.

Dad we love you so much and we celebrate you once again! Happy 60th Birthday!!!

Please wish my dad a happy birthday!!


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog in honor of my dad! My family means so much to me and I’m truly blessed that God gave me such a great support system. Please join us in celebrating my dad’s 60th birthday! Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @itsdeborahqueen.

7 thoughts on “Happy 60th Birthday To The World’s Greatest Dad

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad 🎂🎉. God bless his new age. More grace, favor, good health and every perfect blessing from above. Wow 7 kids, that’s amazing. A big family 🤗. I love all the beautiful pictures displayed and your names are 👌🏿. I hope your father has a wonderful birthday 🎊 🙌🏿✨

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  2. Happy birthday to a Great Man,my icon,my inspiration,my teacher and a LEGEND. I pray for many more years of God favour upon his life. May the almighty protect him all his days and may he rest the fruit of his labour


  3. Happy birthday to a great leader and a motivator, wishing you more years ahead… Age with grace enjoy your day sir.


  4. Happy Bornday Sir…with the lines placed on you on this auspicious day of your natal celebration from your heartthrob and offsprings speaks volume and I agree with all in its entirety. The little time I spent with you in Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport Abuja talking about your son and nephew Smith who happens to be my bossom friend is a testament and confirmation to them all. God bless you richly and may God grant you many more fruitful years of sound health in Jesus Name,Amen.


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