Wula Buhuan – Amazing Sichuan Restaurant in Houston Review

This past week, I had the privilege of trying out Wula Buhuan, a Sichuan Restaurant located in Houston area. Wula Buhuan is modern interpretation of classic Sichuan dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients. I had first hand experience on tasting the delicious cuisine and I’m thrilled to share my thoughts with you.

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Below are the dishes I tried including the price and my honest opinion on each dish:

Cheese Puffs:

Price: $4.75

The cheese puffs were soo delicious. Crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It came with a yummy sweet and sour sauce. These were mighty delicious. The owner gave us the regular version and the extra crispy version. Both were mighty delicious.

West Lake Beef Soup:

Price: $9.00

This soup was the perfect remedy for a cold day. I added the chili paste for a spicy kick and my was it quite delicious.

Home Style Sautéed Pork:

Price: $12.00

This dish was very unique. Firstly the pork was sliced thinly that it melted in your mouth. Secondly, the flavor was superb. This was one of my favorite dishes from the tasting. I would absolutely recommend it.

Amazing Spicy Fish:

Price: $13.00

Just like the name, this fish is absolutely AMAZING! I couldn’t get enough. We were all fighting for who would have the last bite. I would highly recommend this dish.

Walnut Shrimp:

Price: $15.00

Now, this shrimp was a whole mood as the shrimp and walnut pair was a match made in heaven! I loved the flavor and the crispy texture of the shrimp. The walnuts were divine. The merge of the two main ingredients created the ultimate duo. One thing I would say is this meal is better eaten fresh in the restaurant or in your car in order to get the best experience.

Spicy Pot With Shrimp:













Price: $19.00

This dish was superb. The shrimp was perfect and I loved the veggies that were included in the pot. This is a well seasoned dish.

Orange Beef:

Price: $13.00

This dish was a classic. Definitely one of my favorite dishes. The orange flavor was superb and it was a perfect mix between sweet and spicy.

Beef Noodles Soup:

Price: $24.00

This soup was very warm and homey. The beef was very tender and delicious. Though I enjoyed the beef, I wasn’t a fan of this dish because the broth was not as flavorful as I would prefer. This was my least favorite dish.

Eggplant Green Beans:

Price: $10.00

This dish was ignored in the beginning but once I tasted it, I couldn’t get enough. I have never tasted green beans that was so well seasoned. Kudos to the chef! I would highly recommend this dish.

Hawaiian Fried Rice:

Price: $10.00

I love pineapple fried rice so I was definitely impressed with Wula Buhuan’s version. I would highly recommend this dish if you love pineapple fried rice.

Overall, I had a great experience! The service was awesome and ambience of the restaurant was refreshingly traditional and modern.

This is definitely a restaurant where food lovers should go!


Here are more details on the restaurant:

Location: 13346 Briar Forest Dr. Houston, TX 77077

Hours: Open 7 days a week from 11am – 9:30pm

Phone: 832 328 8757


I hope you enjoyed reading this food blog! Would you like me to try out other restaurants? Please leave your comments below. Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @itsdeborahqueen.



5 thoughts on “Wula Buhuan – Amazing Sichuan Restaurant in Houston Review

  1. YESSS! Their walnut shrimp is INCREDIBLE I’m gonna have to order a whole plate for myself next time 😂😂 awesome review! Making me want to go back for a second round of everything!


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