Houston Baker – Gateaux d’Ije

Introducing Gateaux d’Ije from Houston baker, Ije Okuwchi.

Ije has loved baking she was a child. Her mom encouraged her interest and helped her to create different cake flavors using various fruits. She states, “I went back to baking when I needed a second stream of income and had a very lucrative and thriving business making all kinds of cakes, particularly wedding cakes. Now I have time on my hands and I decided to go back to my first love.”

Check out some her cakes below! I’ve had first hand experience in tasting these cakes and they are mighty delicious!

  • Strawberry cake infused with real strawberries with strawberry cream cheese filling and frosting.
  • Signature vanilla cake with homemade lemon curd and blueberry filling and a basket weave and roses buttercream design
  • Italian cream cake delight! A pecan and coconut infused experience.
  • Amaretto and chocolate chip cheese cake experience! Better tasted than imagined.
  • Triple chocolate decadence! This rich and dark chocolate cake is almost a sinful indulgence. White and milk chocolate curls complete the experience.
  • Blueberry explosion! Blueberry purée baked into the cake batter with a cream cheese and blueberry compote filling takes this beyond just cake.
  • Rich fruit cake with rum soaked raisins and cherries, nuts and even more rum! What’s not to like?
  • Rich and moist carrot cake with a cream cheese filling and frosting, covered with a satin finish fondant and garnished with fondant carrots!
  • Not so average Pound Cake
  • Red Velvet cake that’s so moist and decadent.
  • Caramel and Matcha Cake
  • Triple Threat: Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry

For more, check out:

  • Instagram @gateaux.d.ije
  • Facebook Gateaux d’Ije

Menu and services:

You can order practically all kinds of cakes – vanilla, chocolate, red velvet, Italian cream cake, strawberry cake, blueberry cake with blueberry compote and cream cheese filling, fruit cakes, nut cakes etc.

The cakes are custom made and the client can tell Ije exactly what they want in whatever way they want it and I get it done. For cake coverings, you have the option of choosing buttercream, cream cheese, marshmallow frosting, fondant, ganache etc. whatever the customer wants.


  • Send a text message to this number 8323500676. (Text only please).
  • Send a dm to the Instagram page.
  • Send a private message to the Facebook page.

Lastly! With Valentine’s Day around the corner, grab a special cake for your sweet heart!

Prices are 8”- $50 and 9”- $60 using promo code “DEBORAH QUEEN”

I hope you enjoyed reading this food blog! Would you like me to try out other restaurants? Please leave your comments below. Thanks for reading beauties! Until next time, you can keep up with me on Instagram @itsdeborahqueen.


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