25 Things I’m Grateful To God For

“I’m a quarter of a century old today and I’m grateful to God for the gift of life. In the past 25 years of being on this earth, God has been so good to me. I may not be where I want to be yet but I’m grateful for where God has brought me. “

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Why do I want to become the next Miss Africa USA?

“Eventually, I decided my passion was greater than my fear of failing. I acknowledged my fear but I did not let it hold me captive.”- Deborah Queen Have you ever had a dream so big it seemed almost impossible? When I discovered I was selected as Miss Nigeria, I simply sat there looking at the letter in […]

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What I Love About Me

“I was never one who fits in. I’m six feet tall, dark-skinned..but I felt I could use it as an excuse to dress the way I wanted.”- Unknown Have you ever thought of yourself as a master piece created for a unique purpose? In fact, you are fearfully and wonderfully filled with greatness. See Psalm 139:14. Now, I […]

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